5 Best cottage shops

5 Best cottage shops

Cottages are the newest trend in the industry of building. The building with multiple houseshave become too mainstream and that made the cottages to come into business. Cottages are relatively smaller and are detached from other houses.These could be counted into small trailer houses, tiny houses, and such other stuff that is detached and small.

However, a number of companies have been looking to provide services that are related to building cottages for people who like it. Here below 5 of the service providers are being mentioned.

  1. The Cottage shop

The cottage shop is one of the name in the list of some best cottage shops in the world. The shop is situated in the North Carolina were the housewares and home décor are provided by the company to the people to make their special events to be celebrated. The companyfocuses mainly on interior decoration with specific events. The company provides best of the services to the customers and thus is renowned around the region.

  1. Winton Homes

It is yet another best company in the business. The complete package in the lower costs is what Winton aims for. The Winton homes provides complete process services from research and planning till building a tiny house for you. The service providers have the ability to make their customers to be satisfied with everything they offer. The can build you home as well as could design your home and their ability to do it all has mad the popular in their region of operations.

  1. Wind River Tiny Houses

Cheapest prices with the best possible quality is their objective that they want to achieve. Their services revolve around the same funda and the company looks to provide people with services in building their houses, tiny houses and decorating the homes of their customers.They provide versatile services that makes the different customer markets to be targeted and thus they have a good market share in the market of tiny houses and interior decoration in the region of Tennessee.

  1. Jamaica Cottage Shops

Jamaica cottage shop is situated in Vermont however operates in the whole region. The company is built to provide services related to their housing needs to the customers.The Jamaica Cottage Shops have expertise in making the home decors as well as offering the services of building tiny houses for their customers. Dominic Mongano the man behind Jamaica Cottage Shops has always focused to provide the customers with amazing services which made them to become one of the market leaders in Vermont as well as made them to expand to other regions.

  1. Pine Harbor Woods

This is a company that has services very similar to the Jamaica Cottage shops. It makes the customers to be provided versatile service in their housing needs. Pine harbor woods is a well-established company in this industry and has a huge customer’s base which makes them to generate a handsome revenue through their operations. The company has it’s headquarter is the region of Massachusetts but it also operates in other regions.

All of the mentioned companies have been into business for a time period now that makes them a bit experienced in the industry. The expertise they carry have made them to be included in the list as well as seeing so many companies in the industry of cottage houses and tiny houses depicts that people are now moving towards house ideas that are simple and modest.