8 Charming Knightsbridge Furniture For Your Bedroom

8 Charming Knightsbridge Furniture For Your Bedroom

Small or big bedroom ideas consist of thinking about what furniture would suit your room best. But luckily, in this article, we would be providing you with the best list of furniture for your room. The following items below are one of the best-selling Furniture of Knightsbridge.

  1.    Knightsbridge Bookcase

Are you a bookworm? If you are filling up your room with necessary furniture, then you would love Knightsbridge’s bookcase as it is straightforward, yet has that sheer elegance that can complement any bedrooms.

And if you’re not into reading books, you can still use this item and a bachelor pad or as a family space. The bookcase comes in various colors so choose the one that you like most.

  1.    Knightsbridge 6 Drawer Dressing Table

Dressing tables like this work great as an office table, and with three multiple drawers on each side of the table, you can keep lots of stuff near you at all times without standing up from your chair.

This furniture is also perfect for students who always lock themselves up in their rooms to study. Aside from being an office or study table, you can also use it as a women’s vanity table. Just add a mirror on your wall above this table, and your vanity table is complete.

  1.    Knightsbridge 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Bedside tables or cabinet can almost always be seen beside the room’s bed, which makes it seem as important bedroom furniture. But a bedside table is quite helpful for placing a lamp on, and by keeping important things inside its cabinets such as medicines, notes, phone chargers, and more.

  1.    Knightsbridge 3 Drawer Bedside Table

If a two drawer bedside table doesn’t provide you with enough storage areas, then worry no more as the Knightsbridge furniture also sells a three drawer bedside cabinet, which provides you with enough drawers to store your items to. It can also be with an additional drawer, but it is still low enough for you to reach its top while lying down.

  1.    Knightsbridge 3 Drawer Chest

Don’t have a place where you can store your clothes too? The Knightsbridge also sells different types of drawer chest for storage of clothes. Their three drawer chest has the standard size where the drawers have similar dimensions. If you are staying at a school dorm, or in any temporary bedrooms, this drawer will do just fine as you won’t have to store too many clothes in it.

  1.    Knightsbridge 5 Drawer Chest

But if you have a permanent place to stay and sleep into, then you would probably need a larger chest. Knightsbridge also offers a five drawer chest, where the drawers have similar sizes for better storage for your clothes, so choose your desired style and color and bring it back home for your room.

  1.    Knightsbridge Stool

If you want to complete your Knightsbridge vanity table set, then you should add in a stool as well to have a comfortable place to sit onto, while you are busy looking at yourself in the mirror, or if you are putting on make-up (for women).

This charming little stool has still classic but straightforward look on it, which would perfectly blend with other furniture in your bedroom. The height of the seat is about 51cm, and if the position is too low for you, you can ask the company if they make it a bit higher, or use it as it is just in case you need a small stool.

  1.    Knightsbridge 2 Drawer Mirrored Wardrobe

And lastly, complete your room’s furniture with a mirrored wardrobe where you can store your valuable items and coats. The great thing about this two drawer wardrobe is that it includes a mirror, so you no longer have to buy a more extended mirror to check your outfit for the day.

The industry also offers a full wardrobe without drawers in it, and closets without drawers and mirrors on them. Choose your desired style and color that can perfectly suit well in your bedroom.

Final thoughts about Bedroom Furniture

Most furniture from Knightsbridge has simple and classic designs, yet it could still compliment your room’s overall interior, which makes them one of the best-selling bedroom furniture out there. Therefore, if you want to fill up your room with beautiful furniture, look for the ones that have the Knightsbridge brand on them.