Four Reasons You Want to Use a Real Estate Agent to Help Sell Your Home

Four Reasons You Want to Use a Real Estate Agent to Help Sell Your Home

The internet has made it easier than ever before for sellers to list their own homes. This can make it seem as if it is no longer necessary to hire a real estate agent to sell your home. The truth is, however, that the goal of selling your home is not just simply to sell it but to get the most out of it. While you may be able to list your home on your own, there are a huge number of factors that affect how much money you walk away with. That is where a good real estate agent becomes worth their weight in gold. Here are four reasons you want to use real estate agency, like Marshal White Real Estate  or any other agency, to help sell your next home.

They Know What Buyers Are Looking For

Every neighborhood is most attractive to a certain type of buyer. Real estate agents know exactly who is going to be most interested in your home and can help you make simple upgrades that are going to make it most attractive to the most likely buyer. If your home is in an area that is becoming popular with Millennials, then adding some home tech can mean the tipping point between your home and someone else’s. The same with young families or retired couples. Remember, neighborhood demographics are always changing, so a real estate agent can help you understand what is happening in your neighborhood right now and how best to market your home to potential buyers.

They Can Set Up Showings

What many sellers do not understand going in is just how time-consuming showings can be. Not only does your home need to be immaculate, but you need to not be there. Making those arrangements can already be challenging enough, but then to try and coordinate with the buyer’s agents as well can be just one more added stress. A real estate agent can take a significant amount of the work of showings off your plate and leave you free to just get your home ready.

They Can Help Keep You Focused

It is not uncommon for buyers to have legitimate needs that would make your home perfect for them, but in some cases, buyers are simply looking at more home than they can afford. While there is nothing wrong with selling your home to a buyer that seems to have a greater need for your home and can afford it, sellers can sometimes be swayed by emotional pleas on behalf of buyers that can’t really afford the home and can only offer far less than it is worth. Real estate agents provide a buffer in the negotiation process that can help you remember that selling a home is a business transaction not an emotional one.

They Are Experienced Negotiators

When it comes to buying and selling a home, making a concession in one area as opposed to another can save you thousands of dollars. For instance, lowering your asking price by $5,000 will save buyers a few dollars each month on their mortgage. Giving them a $3,000 concession on closing costs, however, is like putting $3,000 back in their pocket. While the dollar amount, you give up is less, it is worth more to the buyers. These are the kinds of negotiating tactics that real estate agents understand that most home sellers do not.