Suitable Places to Put Teak Cabinet at Home

Suitable Places to Put Teak Cabinet at Home

Teak is valuable material for furniture that’s praised as the top quality. You can find many products with teak wood, such as cabinet, table, chair, buffet, nightstands, desk, and shelves. For teak cabinet, you will find many designs from simple to complex and elegant appearance. Cabinet is furniture where you put things inside and keep them. You cannot just add the cabinet in room without assessing compatibility. That’s why you should understand where to put cabinet in certain room. More about this topic is listed at below sections.

Put the Teak Cabinet in Proper Spot

1. Bedroom

Teak cabinet for bedroom is designed in medium size with the height usually less than 1.5 meters. To open it, you have to reach the handle by bowing your back a little bit. Simple design has double doors with two or three layered shelves. To hold the entire cabinet, there are four visible pillars. For minimalist bedroom, the cabinet has many functions besides simple storage. You can keep the personal stuff, add TV stand at its top, and bookshelves

2. Kitchen and dining room

The most common place to find cabinet is kitchen or dining room. At kitchen, the cabinet is necessary because you need a place to keep utensils, tools, even kitchen appliance. Usually, cabinet is attached at the wall and installed at below area. The cabinet in dining room has the same functionality, though not as much as you see at kitchen. If dining room and kitchen is in same place, the cabinet is certainty visible.

3. Living room

You can also put teak cabinet in living room. Why do you need it? Nowadays, living room tends to be more functional than several decades ago. You do not have to worry about compatibility because teak material is suitable for any place. People usually call such cabinet as buffet, though the function is similar. You can have double doors with glass at front. Additional features include drawer, plain countertop, and open shelves.

4. Bathroom

The next place where you can put cabinet is in bathroom. The wood seems to be vulnerable when you put it in the room with high humidity and wet. This is no longer issue because manufacturers add the protection to cover the entire wood surface. It can withstand the temperature and more reliable to store your bathroom stuffs.

Well, the list above explains where you should put teak cabinet at home. In general, every room has different need based on the way you use it. Since cabinet is mostly for storage, you can put it in bedroom, basement, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, even outdoor garden.