Why Choose a Professional Urine Cleanup Company

Why Choose a Professional Urine Cleanup Company

There is probably one thing that’s far worse than cleaning animal droppings and that’s animal urine. This is why many homeowners enlist the services of urine cleanup pros. If this is your first time keeping pets, odds are you don’t know what pet urine look like. Dog urine, for instance, is amber-colored; just like humans, dogs get rid of their urine- which comprises of waste and protein – from their kidneys.

Urine color varies and it depends on the pet’s medical history, health, gender, and age. Older pets excrete urine that contains more protein and less uric acephallia. As a result, an older dog would have worse urine color and odor when compared to a younger dog. Cleaning pet urine with soap and water will be less effective in disinfecting the area. You need something more. Urine cleanup professional has the right tools and skills to clean pet urine and get rid of bad odor.

Once these professionals arrive at the scene, the first thing they’d do is to find the territories that your pet has possessively marked. Generally, animals are possessive in nature. A dog usually claims what he deems as his own. To bring this to fruition, they sometimes break all house rules and keep urinating at various places around the house.

If you’re finding it difficult to locate the marked areas, not to worry urine cleanup service has top of the line tools and equipment such as pet urine detectors to easily locate the scene of the crime. These detectors come with black light and this causes the pet urine to display a distinct glow. To get the best result, you’ll have to turn off all the lights. This way, you can easily locate the scene.

Moreover, it is easy to detect pet urine around the home. All you have to do is to look for spots with either color loss or dye damage. Do not use UV lights otherwise you risk damage to your eye.

Feces and urine cleanup are life events that most people don’t want to be a part of. Human feces, animal dropping, and urine are substances considered to be biohazardous in nature. To this end, they are often time very dangerous to human health. Hence, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional feces and urine clean up services. due to its unsafe nature, it recommended that only trained professionals should handle this task.